Whether you are relocating on a temporary or permanent basis, leasing is becoming the preferred way of doing so.  It’s a “no brainer” if you are here for a period of a few years.  You could very well lose money on a high-end home you purchase.  If you are staying permanently, why not lease as a way to get accustomed with the area?  You can take time to decide what area works best for you.  You can take time to decide if you would like to buy or build.  If you have a home in mind to purchase but the price isn’t in line with the market, you can give the owner time and space to become more realistic about price.  And, if you like the home you are leasing, many of our owners would be thrilled to sell it to you.

Our approach to property management is one of customization.  If we don’t have the perfect fit for you in our inventory, we’ll do a custom search.  In this market, many homeowners will consider leasing a property that they are trying to sell, especially if it’s been on the market for a significant period of time.


We are so committed to leasing as viable option for executive relocation that we belong to both NNDA  (Northern Nevada Development Authority) and EDAWN (Economic Development Authority of Western Nevada).  Our work with these organizations promotes economic growth and diversity in northern Nevada.  It also offers executives the ability to access luxury leasing services.

 "Superior service for discerning clientele."