Property Management


Concierge Property Management
"Luxury leasing for discerning clientele." 

Chase International's Concierge Property Management is dedicated to meeting the needs of luxury homeowners and their long-term tenants in the Douglas County/southwest Reno corridor.   Concierge Property Management is the first in northern Nevada to focus exclusively on the long-term management of higher-end homes.


Our innovative approach to property management addresses the fundamental shifts in real estate market over the last five years.  We are dedicated to meeting the needs of:

·      Sellers interested in “waiting out” the downturn at the same time as covering the

     carrying costs of a home they no longer choose to occupy.
·      Investment property buyers purchasing higher-end homes.
·      Executives relocating to the area for a temporary period of time.
·      Executives, retirees, and families permanently relocating who want to lease
     first in order to get a feel for the area.
·      Investors no longer interested in tying up capital in their primary residence.  
Entrust your property or your tenancy to a specialist approaching luxury property management in a new and innovative way.
                                                                                                            "Superior service for discerning clientele."